Alaska sex offender reg in Oklahoma

State was whether a sex offender's registration period could be retroactively increased after he was sentenced and would such a retroactive increase violate the ex post facto clause. Doe v. Each offender is now assigned a number of points based solely on the offense of conviction, which then constitutes the individual's risk level.

Baker, S.

Emphasis added. And the duration of the reporting requirement is keyed not to any determination of a particular offender's risk of reoffending, but to whether the offense of conviction qualified as aggravated. It "imposes no physical restraint, and so does not resemble the punishment of imprisonment, which is the paradigmatic affirmative disability or restraint.

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Gautier v. All of this would be required under threat of prosecution. Nantz, OK 9, P.

Because the fact the sex offender seeks to prove-he is not currently dangerous-is of no consequence under the law, no hearing was necessary. The United States Constitution provides a floor of constitutional rights - state constitutions provide the ceiling. It found the intent was to create a "civil, nonpunitive regime.

Alaska sex offender reg in Oklahoma

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