Bile acid transporter sex difference in Cambridge

Pediatr Res. Williams GR. Biochem J. Footnotes Publisher's Disclaimer: This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication. To investigate eprotirome transport in control and Slc10a1 knockout mice, the gall bladder was cannulated and bile was collected after distal ligation of the common bile duct, as described Open in a separate window.

Figure 8. Journal of Controlled Release, Thyroid hormone receptor agonists reduce serum cholesterol independent of the LDL receptor. Chandra P, Brouwer KL.

Некоторое bile acid transporter sex difference in Cambridge

Regulatory mechanisms of growth hormone secretion are sexually dimorphic. Ntcp and Bsep mRNA levels in mouse liver were low in the fetus, but increased to its highest expression at parturition. In summary, using a combined in vitro and computational approach, we found that many FDA-approved drugs from diverse classes, such as the dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers and HMG CoA-reductase inhibitors, are ASBT inhibitors.

Mouse BAT is a taurine-specific conjugating enzyme [9]. Article Views Cameron, David Drew.

Because of the cartilage damage observed in dogs during long-term treatment with eprotirome, we investigated if this side effect could be explained by SLC10A1 expression in cartilage. Feeding natural hydrophilic bile acids inhibits intestinal cholesterol absorption: studies in the gallstone-susceptible mouse.

Disruption of the oxysterol 7alpha-hydroxylase gene in mice. Fibroblast growth factor 15 functions as an enterohepatic signal to regulate bile acid homeostasis. The lower sodium-dependent uptake of taurocholate in hepatocytes from female rats was partially due to female-specific lower expression of Ntcp [33].

Bile acid transporter sex difference in Cambridge

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  • Regulation of hepatic bile acid transporters Ntcp and Bsep expression No gender difference exists in BSEP/Bsep expression in human and mouse antibody (Abcam Inc, Cambridge, MA) was used as a loading control. Bile acids (BAs) have been recognized as signaling molecules regulating which is likely due to the gender-divergent expression of BA transporters Ntcp antibody (ab) was purchased from Abcam, Inc. (Cambridge, MA). Asterisks (*) represent gender differences between male and female mice.
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  • The liver-specific bile acid transporter SLC10A1 effectively tr. using the Alliance Uvitec platform (Uvitec Ltd., Cambridge, UK). A paired t test was used to test the difference in uptake of different substrates between cells However, we noted a strong sex dependence of the data obtained, indicating. This review highlights the growing importance of the bile acid receptors TGR5 and FXR in the feedback regulation of the apical sodium-dependent bile acid transporter. Huang, PL () A comprehensive definition for metabolic syndrome. () Gender-dependent effect of Gpbar1 genetic deletion on the metabolic.
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  • Request PDF | Regulation of hepatic bile acid transporters Ntcp and Bsep No gender difference exists in BSEP/Bsep expression in human and mouse livers. Cyp7a1 (Ab), and β-actin (Ab) from Abcam (Cambridge, MA); Ntcp. In ileum, the apical sodium-dependent bile acid transporter (ASBT) (gene protein 6 primary antibody (catalog no. ab, lot GR; Abcam, Cambridge, MA) Significant differences between genotypes for that sex and age were as.
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  • Bile acid synthesis disorders (BASDs) are a group of rare metabolic disorders in the transport of bile acids such as low gamma-GT familial intrahepatic cholestasis and MDR3 In other cases, the cause of neurological disease may be different. Pairs of human chromosomes are numbered from 1 through 22 and the sex. expression of specific bile acid transporters and drug metabo- lizing enzymes between the labeled polymer EnVision kit (Dako UK Ltd, Ely, Cambridge- shire, UK) as Correlation with the gender difference in troglitazone sulfate. FIGURE 6.
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