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Big" Chris Noth is Carrie's central love interest throughout the series and recurring romantic foil — his continual romantic ambiguity and Carrie's diffidence about confronting him over it highlight Carrie's fears, insecurities, and emotional needs.

Sex and the City Looking for Mr. Shall we get more coffee or?

Katy Keene However, a very anxious and panicking Alex begs her to accompany him to his museum show preview, and she agrees. Tags: fashion, fashion, wall, printable art, carrie bradshaw quotes, sex and the city.

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She had one before Paris, I think she had the sparkly one for that season and the one before. However, the engagement is broken when Carrie discovers she is not ready to marry him, and he is not willing to wait for her. Related to this story. Carrie has been described as someone who "lives for fashion," and has confessed to buying Vogue instead of dinner.

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Carrie Bradshaw Aidan hoped that by marrying Carrie, it would show the world she was his. Their relationship runs the length of the series.

Carries diary sex in the city in Mobile

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