Comprehensive sex education vs abstinence only in Los Angeles

Some of the instructional materials are downright pornographic and totally inappropriate in a school setting. I have accused this board of perhaps of waiting until after the election. I took the time to read what our District is offering, and it is not medically accurate in many places, and it does not do even close to an adequate job of explaining how certain sexual behaviors are more harmful than others, but makes all practices and orientations sound equally safe.

Yes, inappropriate sex education is happening here in Orange County and the best I can get from the County Board of Education is that it is up to the individual districts. You did, right? The Board of Trustees, upon careful consideration and robust public input, voted to postpone implementation until Spring to ensure that additional parental outreach and education could be undertaken.

They merely oppose the graphic and extreme Advocates … Read More.

comprehensive sex education vs abstinence only in Los Angeles

Dawson and other civil rights advocates claim much of the resistance is tied to anti-LGBTQ sentiment. The law went into effect inand conservative groups argue that the new standards promote a political agenda and are not age-appropriate.

Marten who, in fact, has refused to meet with my clients and engage in substantive conversation with stakeholders. Q: Is abstinence-only the right way to teach sex education, or should students be given lessons that include contraception and safe sex? However, most CSE curricula, in nakedly intolerant, un-inclusive, and bigoted terms, discriminate against and attack the religious beliefs and practices of our citizens.

Comprehensive sex education vs abstinence only in Los Angeles

With the proper information and skills, young people can learn communication, negotiation, and how to make decisions to keep themselves safe. Sex education is getting more attention in the wake of the MeToo movement, particularly the need to teach students about consent. Credit: Alison Yin for EdSource.

The CDC has all but abandoned that campaign because, you see, there is no safe sex! All parents should take note that comprehensive sex education in fact makes teen pregnancy and STDs less likely, and that sex education of any kind has no impact on rates of abstinence, one way or the other.

At least one very reputable study tells us that those young people who receive comprehensive sex education are 60 percent less likely to become pregnant than those who are presented with an abstinence-only model. So many questions, too few answers.

  • The impact made by comprehensive sex education is positive and lasting; meanwhile, abstinence-only programs often have negative effects upon the students.
  • Both of them encourage abstinence; however, comprehensive sex education also endorses other kinds of methods such as the use of condoms, pills, and injectables.
  • The institute has kept the numbers constantly updated since as the trend of lowered teen birth rates has continued to drop nationwide.
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Of course students who are sexually active and at risk of getting pregnant or contracting venereal disease should be educated on how to avoid these situations. Republish this article. So, why would moving this lesson from 5th grade to middle school be a recommendation?

And those states where abstinence is the only form of sexual education presented have a much higher teen pregnancy rate than those with more comprehensive programs.

Comprehensive sex education vs abstinence only in Los Angeles

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  • Support for comprehensive sex education was high in all regions (87–93%) and While 64% of abstinence-only supporters cited the last type (absolutist Bay Area/Central Coast, Los Angeles County and South—Figure 1). California Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Act (Senate Bill [SB] the school board to teach abstinence-only sex education.
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  • endorsed school-based comprehensive sex education, including the American We refer to the three options offered as abstinence-only, protection-only, and regions (from 93% in Los Angeles County to 89% in the North/Mountains and. Over the last several years, Congress has em- phasized funding abstinence-only programs over comprehensive sexuality education. President. Bush and leaders​.
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