Criminal intelligence analysis sex offenders in Pembroke Pines

The Unit works closely with other local, state and federal agencies to ensure that perpetrators of these type offenses receive the maximum penalties under the law. Unit personnel serve as expert witnesses during court proceedings and provide fingerprint identification services to for the Department, other municipalities, State agencies, federal agencies and assist in the identification of disaster victims.

Program Description.

This course presents practical information to move the domain of the abstract into the real world of criminal investigation. Program Description. Emphasis is placed on the collection, analysis, interpretation, and use of intelligence.

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Last Name Harris. Last Name Cochran. Last Name Splawn. Interested parties can also request records in person or by mail by submitting an application to the:. Last Name Saye.

  • According to records published for , the city recorded a total of 3, crimes.
  • First Name Henry. Last Name Singleton.

Intelligence Analysis This course provides a survey of the field of intelligence. The course analyzes the current status of aviation law pertaining to terrorism, air rage, search and seizure, and impending changes. The nature of physical evidence is defined. We will examine specific crimes types, the impact of crime on victims and society, the role of victims within the criminal justice system, specific remedies, and victim rights and services.

Criminal intelligence analysis sex offenders in Pembroke Pines

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