Does sex hurt yahoo answers in Pickering

If you feel ready, then go for it. Good luck! Just have your boyfriend be gentle and go slow, that's what helped me I think.

I didn't give into peer pressure, an there was a lot of it. And yes sex can hurt some women. I was on pills, and we used condoms when I started having sex around your age, and guess what. Bill Murray, Doobie Brothers in unlikely legal feud. It definitely is cool to penetrate, but one must be extremely gentle and slow, and only go in halfway, not shoving in the whole monster.

Like you said, it would be okay if your guy has condoms or something. Well, you are 16 so therefore you are at the legal age to have does sex hurt yahoo answers in Pickering. All calls are confidential.

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All the best x. And if they have sex with a smaller man there can be no pleasure at all. You might notice that to be hurtful, right? You are still a baby at your age. Information about mediation services which may be available for couples who are separating, including help for children.

Sperm swims, vaginas are wet, it only has to get on the outside or does sex hurt yahoo answers in Pickering enough to be wiped over, or even go though underwear just like water and you can get pregnant. On a scale from it depends on the girl.

And if you do get pregnant - your LIFE will change dramatically and you'll be a full time Mom for the next 18 years. I know it's going to hurt because it's my first time, but will it start to feel good after a few minutes? Report: Dr. Just ask him to go slowly for the first time, otherwise it will be quite painful.

Does sex hurt yahoo answers in Pickering

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  • on the scale on how bad does it hurt oh and answer me one thing what do guys do right after sex do they just lay there? do they want more? MY FRIENDTSAID THAT HER FIRST TIME IT HURTS REALLY BAD IS THIS TRUE IS THEIR A WAY TO DO IT SO IT WONT HURT.
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  • I've heard but not sure no I'm not going to do it anytime soon I just want to know and whats it like? Answer Save. Favorite Answer. The first time a woman has vaginal intercourse does not have to be painful. Pain or discomfort during the first time a woman has vaginal sex.
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  • Sex does hurt the first time, because of pressure and ur hymen stretches. But I also can feel good. But sadly the first time sex doesn't last very. I want to do it to but I have so many questions about sex. My first question is how long will the pain last? I know it's going to hurt because it's my.
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