Grundy sex pistols interview in Sarnia

Although Today was only a regional programme for London, it became a national story due to coverage and comment by the tabloid press. With unforeseeable dramatic consequences. You cannot do a job like I do without being sober. The group started answering the phones and dishing out even more abuse.

The infamy that surrounded the Pistols as a result of the Today show turned the group into stars, but some say the chaos it brought ended grundy sex pistols interview in Sarnia wrecking their career. Download as PDF Printable version. The interview began with Grundy introducing the band, stating "they are as drunk as I am

All we're trying to do is destroy everything. At his best he was a superb forensic interviewer Grundy: I don't know, have you? Maybe it was that he knew he was redundant, so he grundy sex pistols interview in Sarnia. Cook, who had a full-time job he was loath to give up, was making noises about quitting.

McLaren knew this would cause controversy, and McLaren was very good at manipulating the media to get his own success. Products from Amazon. Agents of Anarchy Type: Compilation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Grundy responded "Are you? Not that they were necessarily that drunk. It was evident Grundy was attempting to provoke the band from the start of the interview, speaking to viewers instead of directly to them and referring to them as "that group" — in his challenging of them over what he felt was possible hypocrisy — in terms of the philosophy of punk.

Advertise With Us. Name required. More interesting than the interview itself is the hyperbolic fallout, as well as what happened grundy sex pistols interview in Sarnia afterward.

  • In the latter role, he earned national infamy for his interview with the Sex Pistols in during which he contemptuously encouraged a barrage of profanity while supposedly intoxicated on public television.
  • It caused the biggest stink in British TV history. It brought punk to the masses and some say killed it stone dead.
  • Bill Grundy, the Today show's presenter, sits to their left. Grundy introduces the band to the cameras.

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Grundy sex pistols interview in Sarnia

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