Moral realist approach to same sex marriage in Ramsgate

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Moral realist approach to same sex marriage in Ramsgate

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Password Please enter your Password. Herder's theory owes many debts to predecessors.

  • Moral realism is a philosophical point of view which states that there are moral facts that can and should be acted upon. This type of philosophy is dependent on a number of different variables and questions, all of which have to be answered in order for moral realists to accept the moral fact.
  • Jump to navigation. Some people who approve of homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle have said that homosexuality and homosexual marriage are not moral issues.
  • I n the contemporary debate on the future of marriage, there appears to be, amid many uncertainties, one sure thing. Those who publicly defend traditional marriage can count on being denounced as haters, bigots, or irrational theocrats—and perhaps all of these at once.
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Moral realist approach to same sex marriage in Ramsgate

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