Rosi sexton ninja warrior uk presenters in Plano

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Self - Eric's Mom 1 episode, Bernie Maese Self - Competitor 1 episode, Justin Walcker Competitor 2 episodes, Alan Connealy Self - Contestant 1 episode,

  • The family friendly show begins with batches of hopeful contestants ready to show off their fitness and stamina, desperate to make it through to the semi-finals.
  • The presenting trio were in town to film the new challenge show at Manchester Central.
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  • The show was based upon the format of Japanese game show Sasuke , created by Ushio Higuchi, which was aired in the United Kingdom and other countries as Ninja Warrior. Presented by Ben Shephard , Chris Kamara and Rochelle Humes , [2] the show focuses on around contestants tackling a variety of obstacles along an assault course, the most notable being the " warped wall ", and achieving a fast time or going the furthest to qualify for the semi-finals and the finals, with the winner of the contest being crowned "Ninja Warrior UK" for that year.
  • Unlike on the past 3 Ninja Warrior UK seasons, for this season, the heats were run over in just 4 episodes instead of 5 , with the 15 fastest competitors instead of 10 who completed the course in each heat would advance to the semi-finals. If less than 15 competitors completed the course, the competitors who got the furthest and fastest round the course would advance to the semi-finals.
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Rosi sexton ninja warrior uk presenters in Plano

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