| Are your-nails-but-better worth R330 and 2 hours at the salon? Women share their take | Are your-nails-but-better worth R330 and 2 hours at the salon? Women share their take

Business owner assisting customer in nail salon.

Business owner assisting customer in nail salon.

Are minimal acrylic nails really worth it? The girls who get it, get it.

Though over-the-top acrylic nail designs is still the ‘it girl’, people are increasingly gravitating towards minimalist styles such as the ‘clean girl’ nails. Recently, there’s been a plethora of styles for people to rock.

According to British Vogue, the trend for healthy-looking hair followed a period of intense grooming and maintenance in lockdown and now nails are following suit. Minimal manicures that show off healthy, pristine nails that are buffed to perfection are everywhere right now.

In such manicure looks we see a transparent or nude base, which is as close as possible to the natural colour of the nails and a minimal art, most often without bright accents. 

Harper’s Bazaar reports that the collective desire for ‘your-nails-but-better’ is symbolic of understated elegance, with a minimal manicure becoming a status symbol expressing effortless healthy beauty at large, whispering ‘clean’ as well as ‘class’.

The question remains whether it’s time-consuming nature, sitting hours on end to just get nail paint and a few designs on your natural nails, worth it? With more ladies flocking towards this particular aesthetic, which can be achieved with both acrylic and gel, it seems minimalist is the ‘it’ trend.

Though it’s not kicking intricate detailed designs to the curb, it’s mainly the preferred style at the moment and the girls are putting their own spin on the trend. One thing about us ladies, anything that contributes to our serotonin we are here for it, despite the time spent to do it. 

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Beauty companies such as Sorbet and Bob Cut SA offer multiple nail styles. Gel paint ranges from R120 at Bob Cut SA to R330 at Sorbet. An acrylic set alone can cost you as much as R550.

Five women tell us whether this amount of money per set and all the times spent for minimalist nails is worth it for them. The general consensus is that when it comes to their nails, they go for anything that makes them happy and confidence at the time, whether it’s simple paint and design. 

Pholane says she’s an acrylic ride-or-die. Whether over-the-top or minimal nail art designs, she will still rock it. 

“That’s why I love acrylic nails because not only do they last longer but you can do whatever style you want.” 

Whatever makes Kamohelo happy, she will gladly do it. 

”I prefer acrylic with minimal design and short to medium length. Whatever makes me happy, I’ll do it, and I don’t mind sitting hours on end getting the look I want.” 

They say simplicity goes a long way and Lunga can attest to that. 

“Minimalist designs are nice but nothing beats simple acrylic nails, so I prefer simple painted acrylic nails with no design.”

Palesa is also an acrylic girlie through and through.

“I prefer acrylic because it’s my go-to style and it can be designed to fit whatever you’re feeling at the time.”

Sinekhaya loves to give her hands a break hence she goes for pain and nail design from time to time.

“A minimalist look but definitely with acrylic … paint is for when I am giving my nails a break.” 

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