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Clinical Interventions in Aging Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment Cancer Management and Research Find more information about Crossref citation counts.

Behavioral Sleep Medicine ; 3 1 — Ivanenko, Anna. Several manufacturers produce competing brands of actigraphy that use different algorithms to identify sleep periods. High-contact cultures, such as South America, Southern and Eastern European, and Arab countries, create immediacy by increasing sensory input, whereas low-contact cultures, such as Asian and Northern European countries, prefer less sensory involvement 3.

Meltzer, and Jodi A. Motility monitoring has shown measurement reliability and validity with electroencephalogram EEG and other recording procedures 7— Burnham and Erika E. The intent here was not to be comprehensive, but rather to lay the foundation for those chapters and for future work in the area.

Incidence of sleep disorders in medical practice: A physician survey.

Sun xie zhi wife sexual dysfunction in Elk Grove

Regarding school-aged children, recent studies pointed out that sleeping habits and disturbances were negatively impacted by a number of lifestyles habits that might be culturally mediated 18, British Journal of Psychiatry ; — Cosleeping and sleep behavior in Italian school- aged children. Sleep deprivation or postnatal depression in later infancy: Separating the chicken from the egg.

Behavioral Sleep Medicine ; 3 1 — American Family Physician ; 63 2 — Another study comparing sleep habits of two large European towns in Belgium and in Italy confirmed a later bedtime in Italian children, who shared late dinner with parents, compared to those reported for Belgian children Pediatrics ; 3 —

We found paper s. Adolescent Health, Medicine and Therapeutics , International Journal of Nanomedicine ,

Sun xie zhi wife sexual dysfunction in Elk Grove

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