The evolution of sex biased dispersal in lions in New Hampshire

Surprisingly, there is relative little information on these two domestic species. Estrogen, aging and the cardiovascular system. However as single mouse genotypes sometimes exhibit greater male longevity, sometimes greater female longevity, this offers an excellent system to investigate sex differences further if the predisposing conditions can be identified.

Social evolution. Nordihydroguaiaretic acid and aspirin increase lifespan of genetically heterogeneous male mice.

Recently viewed 0 Save Search. Instead, for less extreme contrasts between environments, the selective pressure in favour of uniparental inheritance is decreased proportionally. Brinks, P. Guillon et al. All males leave their natal pride.

Crispo E: Modifying effects of phenotypic plasticity on interactions among natural selection, adaptation and gene flow. Ecology 79 : —

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Nelson et al. Ageing Dev. Source: Human mortality database. Already have an account? Gender differences in adult health: an international comparison. Sign Up Log In.

  • Login via Institution. Most female lions remain in their natal pride for their entire lives, but about a third emigrate before they reach four yrs of age.
  • Pusey, C. Most emigrating females leave either when they are evicted by an incoming male coalition or when the adult females of their pride give birth to new cubs.
  • Conceived and designed the experiments: SD JS. Performed the experiments: SD JS.
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Open in a separate window. Pride fissions have no consistent effect on the average levels of genetic relatedness within prides. Harrison, et al. Objective measures of sex differences in physical function batteries involving muscle strength, responsiveness, and balance have also shown a female disadvantage in the United States, Taiwan, Korea, China, Indonesia, and even among the Tsimane, an indigenous non-technological, foraging-horticultural group living in eastern Bolivia Wheaton and Crimmins, Journal of feline medicine and surgery.

The evolution of sex biased dispersal in lions in New Hampshire

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