Weird urban dictionary sex terms in Nebraska

When their career began to decline, they left for Idaho and never returned. The Iowa Great Lakes region contains many large lakes, most notably lake Okoboji, one of only three blue water lakes in the world. Iowa is home to the three million nicest people in the United States, probably in the world.

State in the midwest, mostly farmland, but has a fantastic balance of rural, suberban, and highly populated areas. TSIF

Want to park your car anywhere and not get towed? Produces more corn and pork than any other state, and is not home to a bunch of hicks. A state that quietly grows corn and takes care of its own affairs.

Вам weird urban dictionary sex terms in Nebraska хотел Вами

There is no place like Nebraska! That Shit Is Fucked. Eat some crab legs beforehand to give it a hint of seafood. Share This Story. First, you would need to guarantee that you were able to produce enough semen to put out a small fire and, second, you would need to have excellent hand-eye coordination to complete all the steps.

Aug 26 Word of the Day. Place where you will feel welcome in only because the people who've lived there forever are too polite to tell you to get the hell out of their state and go back to fuckin' California. TSIF Backpedaling Usually froomie will hype up his egg cooking skills and then show yall what he got in his bag.

Make sure you're clear on the fact that the word "the" is in there, or else you'll get the meaning all wrong.

Weird urban dictionary sex terms in Nebraska

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